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Terms of Service

1. All commission transactions are through PayPal Invoice. Artist will send invoices via email, so please have your correct email attached to proceed. 

2. Payment is required first before starting.

3. Each commission goes through phases before being completed; sketch, rough draft, linework, then color. Artist will send the sketch for approval before going on to the next steps. Allowing both the client and artist are on the same page.​ If the client does not respond within 48hrs, a "reminder" will send again. 

    3a. If a reason pops up, and you want to change the design completely, there will be a charge depending on how far along the process is.

    3b. Color changes are okay.


4. There's no commission refund; if you'd like adjustments, I would be happy to help! 


5. Please keep in mind a queue. Each Paypal invoice will include a queue number that will give you an estimated time frame on how long your emotes will finish. Complicated artwork may have longer completion days. If it's urgent, please let your artist know before hand a "speed" fee will be added. 


QUEUE #1-2: (1-4 days wait time) QUEUE #3-5 (1-7 days wait time). QUEUE #5+ (1-10 days wait time)

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