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Hey there, I’m Veronica.
I have been “doodling” since I was a young teenager. It’s a big part that makes me, me. I am a self-taught artist, though my mom was the one who introduced me to art. As a kid, I would see her looking for a piece of paper and pen to draw on whenever she was on a phone call. I thought she was the most significant artist ever, even though they were simple houses or flowers. It was not long after that that I started to “doodle” on pieces of paper when I was on a call, especially work calls. Since then, it was coloring books and drawing books until I got my lovely first IPAD.
A little more about me: I am a full-time college student & working dog mom. I have two pups, Melody, the 11-year old Shih Tzu, and ROSCO 6-year old Bulldog. I love caring for my dogs and the love of my life, Randy. My hobbies are Sudoku puzzles (Superpro here!), baking goodies, drinking coffee, and staying healthy.
All my drawings are hand-drawn on my iPad Pro 10.5 & compatible apple pen.
I love to draw emotes and scenes for my fellow streamers, pet silhouettes for my fellow animal lovers, & illustrations for fellow art seekers. So, if you want to see your creations in sticker form or vinyl stickers of your name, message me! I do offer to make your stickers or Vinyl LOGOs (very sturdy).

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